Guy Kawasaki was one of the Apple employees originally responsible for marketing the Macintosh.

(Dauer ca. 19 Min.)

The one of the most valuable lessons …

… I’ve learned from Steve is that in life some things need to be believed to be seen. Usually you hear this the opposite way. That in order for you to believe something, you have to see it. But I will tell you, when it comes to changing the world, what I’ve learned from Steve Jobs is: If you believe in the Macintosh, if you believe in iPhone, iPod, iPad – if you believe enough then you will see it. Because other people will believe in it, other people will create software, other people will create products.

So you need to foster the believe in what you are dreaming so that it becomes a reality. Which is very different then saying I don’t expect anybody to believe it until I see it. You need people to believe it before they can see it.

– Guy Kawasaki

Transkribiert aus dem Speech in San Diego