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The Storyteller’s Secret:
3 Keys to Mastering Storytelling to Win Hearts and Minds

Storytelling, Carmino Gallo – presented by DesigneristCarmine Gallo
is an inter­natio­nally ad­mired key­note spea­ker, bestselling author and advisor. He is also an instructor in the office of executive education at the Harvard University School of Design.
Carmine has advised top executives for some of the world’s most famous brands including: Accenture, Intel, Chevron, Salesforce, Pfizer, LinkedIn, Walmart, Coca-Cola, Google, Microsoft and many others in a variety of categories. He writes popular columns for, Entrepreneur, and Business Insider.

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Effort vs. Quality by Coenraad Esveld

Quality: nearly perfect is good enough!

With a moderate effort quality can often be brought to a reasonable level. Further improvement steps will require an exponential growing amount of energy and cost.

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